Produced and hosted by two self-professed music nerds, This.Broken.Mixtape is an interview-based podcast from Toronto that explores how music can play a vital and meaningful role in our lives.

Every episode, Justin Lee and Jeff Woo interview exciting personalities from all disciplines of life including musicians, artists, writers, comedians, chefs and entrepreneurs. These guests recount their personal relationship with music and the memories that have become synonymous with specific songs, albums and artists.

So get ready to pop in that mixtape, hit rewind, and press play on the soundtrack to your life.



Justin Lee is a Toronto-based writer, filmmaker and DJ who enjoys exploring the thematic elements of music, art, and social issues in his work and beyond.

In 2015, he adapted his book Our Liner Notes into a documentary. More recently, his documentary Sugar Brown: The Shade of Blues premiered at TIFF Bell Lightbox as part of the 2016 Reel Asian Film Festival.

When he's not DJing, attending shows or hunting down vinyl, he enjoys making mix-CDs for his nieces in an effort to introduce them to songs that don't repeatedly recount the daily ongoings of city transit.


Jeff is a professional hobbyist, lifelong learner, restless jack-of-all-trades type, who always has a fun project on the go.

Professionally, he is a Producer / Production Manager at a boutique production and design studio in Toronto, as well as a Freelance Designer and Letterer.

Non-professionally however, he is many other things... vintage audio enthusiast, sneaker collector, motorcycle rider, frequent Overwatch player, combat sports fanatic, and of course, music geek -- but mostly the older stuff.