E007 - David Hayman (Supergroup / Music Supercast)


This week our guest is David Hayman, head of Music Supervision and Branding Agency, Supergroup. We'll talk to him about the collection of mixtapes he made throughout his adolescence, how there are no rules for music licensing for music and television, and what makes a great song for a specific scene.

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Here are some select tracks based on our conversation with David.

Featuring:The Tragically Hip, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Ralph, Joe "Bean" Esposito, Stan Bush, Vioent Femmes, Pink Floyd, Jason Collett, David Braid, Ray Charles, Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Radiohead, Patti LaBelle, Huey Lewis & the News, Wu-Tang Clan, Zeus, Patrick Watson, D'Angelo, Leon Bridges, FKA Twigs and more

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