E018 - The Gillespie Bros. (DJ Lazy Ray / Rockerdave) Part 2


For over a decade, Dave and Ray "DJ Lazy Ray" Gillespie, otherwise known as the infamous Gillespie Brothers, have thrown some of the wildest parties in Toronto.

Playing an eclectic blend of 70s and 80s rock, funk, disco and pop rarities and classics, the Brothers know how to command a dance floor.

And just like trumpet legend Dizzy Gillespie, the brothers have an endless lung capacity and the gift to riff like jazz. As you'll hear in just a few seconds, Dave and Ray essentially hijack our podcast and for the first time in the history of This.Broken,Mixtape, the interview goes deep off the rails. 

The end result was a two-hour conversation about sex, drugs & rock n roll that warranted our first-ever two-part episode. This is part two.  If you haven't heard the first part, click here.

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Featuring: The Tragically Hip, The Pretenders, Iggy Pop, Ariel Pink, Frank Zappa, The Mothers, Rush, Triumph, Saga, Loverboy, April Wine, Bruce Springsteen, The Band, The B-52's, The Bangles, KISS, The Payolas, Dwight Twilley Band, Men Without Hats, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, The Rolling Stones, Montrose, Dennis Wilson, Judas Priest, and Van Halen.

Jeff Woo