E027 - LUKA (Folk Singer-Songwriter)


Toronto folk singer-songwriter Luke Kuplowsky, otherwise known as LUKA, conjures the smoky vocals of Bill Callahan and Phil Elverum.

Kuplowsky recorded and mixed his third record, What Kind of Animal, in a live session on a cold afternoon in the dead of winter. The album is a collection of songs that explore themes of self-doubt, integrity, companionship and faith. 

We sat down with Luke to talk about his favourite winter albums, being drawn to the music of video games like Final Fantasy as a child, and the improvisational nature of his live shows.

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Featuring: LUKA, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, The Kinks, ABBA, The Foundations, The Clovers, 8-Bit Arcade, Nobuo Uematsum Jackie Chan, X JAPAN, Jesse Winchester, Robby Roberson, Todd, Rundgren, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, David Bowie, The Specials, The Dead Winter, and David Byrne.


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