S2E13 - Greatest Hits Vol.1


In celebration of their 1st year anniversary and the 50th milestone episode, Justin and Jeff recount some of their favourite mixtape stories from the interviews over the past year.  

In the first volume of our retrospective episodes, we share clips from guests Common Holly, David Hayman, Rhiannon Archer, Kip Berman, Kohji Nagata, Blue Sky Miners, Japanese Breakfast, Malin Johnson, Lilla Drömland, and Trevor LaRocque.


Spotify Playlist

Featuring: Chance the Rapper, Joe Bean Esposito, TLC, Pink Floyd, Wilco, The Clientele, Weezer, Midlake, Cat Power, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Nickelback, Jen Lekman, and Big Star.

Jeff Woo