S2E25 - Heightfiveseven (Record Collector)


Record collector fanatic Logan Melissa is perhaps best known by her Instagram handle HeightFiveSeven.

It all started on Thanksgiving 2012 when Logan posted a photo of herself recreating the album cover of Minnie Riperton's Adventures In Paradise.

Six years later, her Instagram page has managed to build an impressive following of nearly 55,000 fans.

We spoke to Logan Melissa via phone the day after the US Midterm Election to discuss her DIY approach to recreating classic album covers, her life-long crate-digging obsession, and how she misses the days when she used to be picked on my Internet trolls.


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Featuring: Minnie Riperton, Run the Jewels, Gang Starr, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Roots, the Grateful Dead, Parliament, James Brown, Gram Parson, Jackson Browne, King Crimson, Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Ghostface Killah, Adrian Yongue, Curtis Mayfield, Migos, Miles Davis, and Pink Floyd.

Jeff Woo