S3E08 - UPSAHL (Singer-Songwriter)


Singer-songwriter Taylor Upsahl, aka UPSAHL, started playing guitar and piano at the tender age of 5.

Influenced by a wide range of artists, including The Shins, Spoon, Lorde and Beyonce, she decided to postpone her college plans to move to L.A. to pursue a music career.

We sat down with UPSAHL to discuss her new EP Hindsight 20/20, how falling in love with her male gay best friend inspired her song "The Other Team", and the best jams for making out.


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Featuring: UPSAHL, Anderson Paak, Smokey robinson, Sia, Diplo, Labrinth, LSD, Weezer, Outkast, Mac Miller, Billie Ellish, Lorde, The Shins, Spoon, Beck, No Doubt, Rhianna, and Beyonce.

Jeff Woo