S2E15 - Greatest Hits Vol.3


In celebration of our first year anniversary, we share some of our favourite stories about memorable albums from our childhood discussed in interviews over the past year.  

In the third volume of our retrospective episodes, we share clips from guests Moon Eyed, CATL, Bodega, Shilpa Ray, Tammy Yiu, Simone Ferkul, Big Norm, Snail Mail, Moscow Apartment, In Vintage We Trust, Maylee Todd, Sugar Brown, Richard Cureton, and Aisha Brown.


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Featuring: Moon Eyed, CATL, BODEGA, INXS, Bjork, The National, Black Sheep, Peter Gabriel, The Runaways, Cam'ron, Maylee Todd, The J. Geils Band, DMX, and Runnin' at the Mouth.

Jeff Woo