S2E16 - Okay Kaya (Singer-songwriter/Model)


Singer-songwriter/Model Kaya Wilkins, aka Okay Kaya, recorded the majority of her debut record in her Brooklyn apartment.  

The ethereal, melancholic bedroom-pop album delves into themes of racial identity, sexuality, insecurity, and mental health. 

We talked to Kaya over the phone about the benefits of recording in her own home, playing White Stripes covers with her older brother, and her most favourite and least favorite condiments.


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Featuring: Okay Kaya, Tobias Jesso Jr., Amen Dunes, Kings of Convenience, Porches, Aretha Franklin, Miriam Makeba, Bjork, Prince, Taxi Taxi, Little Dragon, The White Stripes, Maroon 5, Leo Sayer, King Krule, Outkast, Rosario Dawson, and Eric Andre.

Jeff Woo